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Aug 18

Three ways to join our club!

Membership to the Alumni Club of Portland is not limited just to alumni. All Buckeye fans are welcome to join and be a part of…

Aug 18

Watch location for 2022 football season

Join us at Grand Central Bowl in Portland every Saturday to cheer on the Buckeyes from afar. Visit our game watch page …

Feb 03

True stories can win out on social media, study finds

Some past research has suggested that falsehoods travel more quickly online than the truth and are more popular with the public, but a new study…

Feb 03

Hundreds of Ohio State students volunteer to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day

More than 500 students from The Ohio State University participated in 29 service projects to support the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service last…


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To promote the advancement of the interests of The Ohio State University and The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc. and to establish closer fellowship among the alumni, friends and former students of The Ohio State University.

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